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Salad Anyone?


Despite the dreary, overcast skies, and cool temperatures, the learning continues at our Flowing Wells Campus. We reached another exciting milestone with the first harvest of lettuce and radishes. The second grade class started some of the lettuce from seeds and also transplanted the seedlings into the garden beds earlier in the year. We harvested three varieties including red leaf, green leaf, and romaine for the class to observe the shape, color, and texture of the leaves, then shred and eat in a small salad with cucumbers ? also from the gardens. Most had never tasted a radish, but with a little salt and apple cider vinegar, I heard the words, ?This is delicious,? more than once.

The fourth grade had its second 4H program at the FWC on landscape horticulture. They looked at the similarities and differences among various native leaves and learned about the profession of landscape architecture. We walked around the campus and observed the trees and shrubs and asked students to hypothesize which ones might be native to the area. They also enjoyed seeing how much the vegetables in the garden had grown since their last visit.

The third and fifth grades visited the Flowing Wells Campus last week to harvest our beautiful fall greens and and document the process with a bit of photography. Each third grade student began their trip by harvesting collard greens and kale. Later they used their iPads to take pictures and created an iMovie to showcase our beautiful plants after returning to EDS. Ms. Norville cooked the healthy greens and invited all of her students as well as the teachers to taste her recipe the next day. They were delicious!

This week - Our greens will be on the cafeteria salad bar!

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