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Before/After School Center Overview and Procedures

In an effort to streamline our forms process, the option to sign up for after school  was included in your registration. If you have questions about the option you selected, or if you selected an option at all, please email Elise Folk. Please put “After School Registration Questions – Child’s Name” in the subject line.

After School Enrollment Directions

The Before/After School Center provides a well-staffed, fully-equipped child development program that strives to create an environment which will enrich each child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development by providing a secure, caring, and stimulating program. There are three after school programs to choose from. 


Lunch Bunch

Lunch Bunch 3-Day (PK) 12:30-3:00 $147/month
Lunch Bunch 5-Day (PK) 12:30-3:00 $215/month
Lunch Bunch Drop-in $20/day

Typical Lunch Bunch Schedule
12:30-12:45: Classroom Play
12:45-1:25: Lunch in Cafeteria
1:25-2:30: Outside Play
2:30-3: Wrap up and get ready for dismissal

*Please note that Lunch Bunch students will not be dismissed from their bench outside until the bell chimes and dismissal begins for all students. Parents, please make sure you let the Lunch Bunch teachers know you are picking up your child from the group.

Things to Pack
Please pack a lunch for your child if you will not be participating in the Campus Cuisine program.

Gingerbread 3-Day (3s-PK) 12:30-6:00 $205/month
Gingerbread 5-Day (3s-PK) 12:30-6:00 $309/month
Gingerbread Drop-in $27/day

Typical Gingerbread Schedule
12:30-12:45: Classroom Play
12:45-1:25: Lunch in Cafeteria
1:30-3: Rest Time
3-3:30: Snack (provided by the school)
3:30-66: Outside Play, Crafts, Activities

*Please note that you must sign Gingerbread students out in the front office and walk back to their classroom to pick them up

Things to Pack
Please pack a lunch for your child if you will not be participating in the Campus Cuisine program.

Please pack a fitted crib sheet, small travel pillow, and blanket to be used during rest time. These items will be sent home every Friday (or the last day of the week your child attends the program) to be washed and returned to the school on Monday (or the first day of the week your child attends the program). 

At the start of the school year, you will recieve a canvas bag with your child's name. Please use this bag to transport napping supplies each week. This will ensure there is room in your child's back pack for school materials to be sent home. 


After School

After School Bunch 3-Day (K-8th) 3:00-6:00 $125/month
After School Bunch 5-Day (K-8th) 3:00-6:00 $200/month
After School Drop-in $17/day

Typical After School Schedule
3-3:20: Snack in Cafeteria (provided by the school)
3:20-3:50: Homework
3:50-6: Outside Play, Activities, Projects, Special Guests



Social: To help children feel comfortable in school, trust in their environment, make friends, and feel like they are part of the group.
Emotional: To help children experience pride and self-confidence, develop independence and self-control, and have a positive attitude toward life.
Cognitive: To help children become confident learners by letting them try out their own ideas and experience success, and by helping them acquire learning skills such as the ability to solve problems, ask questions, and use words to describe their ideas, observations, and feelings.
Physical: To help children increase their large and small muscle skills and feel confident about what their bodies can do.
Program: The goal of the program is to provide quality care for each child enrolled in the program. Our rooms are equipped with a variety of activities, materials, and games. An outdoor playground, field, and gymnasium are also available. Children are encouraged to participate in physical activities and peer interaction; opportunities are provided to explore; and when appropriate for the age, children are provided time to rest or to study. Other activities, such as arts and crafts, are offered to students.
Staffing: Each staff member has been carefully screened and selected on the basis of educational background, training, and experience. Staff members have training in CPR, first aid, fire and safety procedures, and symptoms of child abuse. All have completed the records check required by the State of Georgia. Each staff member is required to complete ten hours per year in staff development courses.
Discipline: Our teachers and staff use positive strategies to encourage appropriate behavior. For preschool students, the EDS preschool discipline policies apply. For lower and middle school students, the after school program follows the Levels of Unacceptable Behavior that is appropriate for the student?s age.

In the After School Program, children are given the opportunity to get a jumpstart on homework and socialize on campus. The Enrichment Programs bring a host of activities to campus, such as cooking, dance, and robotics. Our summer at EDS offers day camps for children of all ages.

After School is open from 12:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. according to the school calendar. Our programs offer a fun, creative, and active environment for the students of Episcopal Day School. We offer different scheduling options for all of our students in order to fit the needs of the parents in our school community.

Preschool students will have lunch, nap time, an afternoon snack, creative activities, and playtime. Older students will have an afternoon snack, supervised homework time, and indoor and outdoor playtime.

Snacks are provided by the After School Program.

Carpool Pick Up/Student Meetings with Teachers

At the end of carpool, any students remaining will be brought to the office to contact their parents. If their parent/guardian has not arrived by 3:30 p.m. they will be sent to After School and charged the drop-in rate.  

Students who stay at school to help a teacher or receive extra help will be sent to After School and charged the drop-in price if not picked up at the agreed upon time between parent and teacher. 

Rates and Fees

Drop-In Options

All of our After School programs have a drop-in option. To be eligible to drop in, you must:

1. Have your child registered with EDS After School. You do not have to choose a regular schedule, just select Drop-in. After School Enrollment Directions
2. Notify the Director of After School at least 24 hours in advance by e-mail ([email protected]) or phone (706-733-1192 ext. 27) 
3. Pay the drop-in fee which will be billed monthly.


Every effort is made to assist children with their homework. After School teachers are not trained tutors, but will be sure to provide a quiet supervised environment for students to complete their homework.

Bright from the Start

The Episcopal Day School's Auxiliary Programs are exempt from Bright from the Start licensure. Copies of this exemption notification are hanging in the front office, and are available upon parental request. Our programs meet the criteria for exemption for the following conditions. 
591-1-1-.46(1)(b)(2): Private non-public educational programs with an established curriculum for children five (5) years and older which operate during the school term for the customary school day, as defined by Georgia law. 
Conditions: Operating hours are 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.Monday through Friday, during the school year only. 
591-1-1-.46(1)(b)(3): O.C.G.A 20-1A-2(3) A private school which provides education in any grades from kindergarten-12th grade, meets the requirements under Georgia Law for private schools (see O.C.G.A Section 20-2-690), and is accredited by one or more of the entities listed in O.C.G.A. Sec. 20-4-519(6)(A) and which provides care before, after, or both before and after the customary school day, as defined in Georgia law, to its students as an auxiliary service to such students during the regular school year only. 
1. Maintain current accreditation
2. Provide after care only to students 3 years and older who attend Episcopal Day School Ccenter
3. Operating hours are 12:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. for after care, Monday through Friday, during the school year only. 
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