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EDS After School Enrichment Program

EDS is proud to offer a wide variety of after school enrichments to students across the CSRA. Some general information pertaining to all enrichments is:

  • All Enrichment programs are open to students in the entire CSRA. You do not have to be enrolled at EDS to participate. Details and descriptions can be viewed by clicking here, or by clicking on the class descriptions and register now link below
  • All classes have a minimum and a maximum. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, parents will be informed 3 days before the enrichment is slated to begin, and a full refund will be issued. If the maximum is reached, additional students will be placed on a wait list and informed before the class begins if their students has been moved off the waitlist.
  • A detailed email will be sent no less than 2 days before the enrichment is slated to begin with specific information about the enrichment, equipment needed, drop off and pick up location, etc.
  • If you need modified After School care for your child on an enrichment day, please reach out to Elise Folk to discuss the options.
  • Enrichment options will change each session, and new classes may be added during sessions. Announcements will be made in the Panther Post, Facebook, and through direct emails from Elise Folk.
  • Enrichments will be run in 3 sessions this year, Session 1-Fall, Session 2-Winter, and Session 3-Spring. Each session is 8 weeks long and includes opportunities for make up days if needed due to weather or instructor illness.


Enrichment Classes

Whole Year Classes

We do have a few classes that run throughout the entirety of the year, these are Piano with Dale Hesse, Suzuki Violin with Adam DePriest, and Dance with Ferneasa Cutno. These Classes are scheduled for the following days and times and you can register your student by emailing Elise Folk. If you register for one of these classes and find it is not for you, you are not locked into the class. But these classes do not follow the session schedule listed above.

PS Dance
Grades: 3s-PK
Day: Wednesday
Time: 2-2:45
To Register: email Elise Folk

LS Dance
Grades: Kindergarten-3rd Grade
Day: Wednesday
Time: 3:15-4
To Register: email Elise Folk

Suzuki Violin
Grades: Kindergarten+
Day: Thursday
Time: 3;15-4
To Register: email Elise Folk

Piano with Dale Hesse
Grades: Kindergarten+
Day: Lesson slots still available
Time: Depends on lesson slot
To Register: email Elise Folk


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